Interview with Talal Derki

Shot over the course of 2 1/2 years in the North of Syria, the nominated directo...

Interview with Almudena Carracedo

Nominated for European Documentary, the director Almudena Carracedo talks about...

Interview with Costa-Gavras

The celebrated director calls on EU institutions to support European cinema and...


03:49, 16.07.2019

RT : 28 Times Cinema is set to unspool once again thanks to the partnership between the , and th…

11:57, 15.07.2019

On July 13, Oleg Sentsov has celebrated his 43rd birthday, the sixth one he has spent in Russian captivity. Let's n…

11:00, 14.07.2019

"For me, the human face is the most important subject of the cinema." Ingmar Bergman, was born on this day in 1918.…

01:18, 11.07.2019

: Costa-Gavras receives the Honorary Award of the EFA President and Board. "The Academy gives an…

12:56, 11.07.2019

RT : It’s here! The full programme for the 19th has landed. Full details here:

12:33, 10.07.2019

Are you looking for quality films for young audiences? You can find the EFA Young Audience Award nominated films on…

12:31, 10.07.2019

RT : Enjoy Agnès Varda's farewell gift, as her final film comes to cinemas and digital from 19 July

12:31, 10.07.2019

RT : Ingmar Bergman's PERSONA in Jules Dassin's A DREAM OF PASSION.

04:18, 9.07.2019

Applications are now open for 2020! If you are an emerging filmmaker, apply for a transformative we…

04:27, 8.07.2019

RT : This year’s selection of films includes 4 female directors, 2 documentaries, a presence of small countri…

12:00, 8.07.2019

! US poster of IDA by Paweł Pawlikowski, European Film 2014.

11:17, 8.07.2019

RT : Vittorio De Sica, in 1901. “He knew that sentiment is as legitimate a mode of storytelling as irony…

11:16, 8.07.2019

RT : ⚡️Introducing - the European Film Factory ⚡️📽️ This new initiative will give schools access to a catalogue includin…

11:23, 7.07.2019

Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov triumph with THE FATHER, Crystal Globe at , while the other big winner w…

11:19, 7.07.2019

RT : “When I make a film, it is a sleep in which I am dreaming." The dazzlingly brilliant poet, novelist, playwright, p…


Let's Go Vote!

European filmmakers launch a manifesto stressing the importance of voting in the upcoming European elections. This manifesto is signed by 500 personalities from the cinema world and was initiated by the French Film Directors' Guild (SRF), the Directors’ Fortnight, the European Film Academy (EFA), the Federation of European Film Directors (FERA) and the Society of Audiovisual Authors (SAA). Read more

EFA Honours Werner Herzog

On the occasion of this year's 32nd European Film Awards (EFAs) and in recognition of a unique contribution to the world of film, the European Film Academy takes great pleasure in presenting Werner Herzog with the LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD for his outstanding body of work. read more


Young Juries in 34 Countries Elect FIGHT GIRL by Johan Timmers. In a truly European vote, 12-14-year-olds in 55 cities across Europe and beyond have elected FIGHT GIRL as the winner of the EFA Young Audience Award 2019. continue reading

8th Young Audience Award with Record 55 Cities in 34 Countries

Young juries across Europe will watch the nominated films FIGHT GIRL, LOS BANDO and OLD BOYS – all of which will then be available as VOD for the general public
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Catch up with the 31st European Film Awards in our blog

find exclusive videos, photos and videos here!

The 31st European Film Awards: Winners

check out the the full list of winners of the 31st European Film Awards 2018

Seville is Getting Ready: The Line-Up for the 2018 EFAs

Only three more days before European filmmakers, EFA Members, guests, nominees and winners will gather to celebrate European cinema at its finest at the 31st European Film Awards in Seville!
check out who will be leading through the evening, the presenters and guests

HAPPY AS LAZZARO Wins European University Film Award (EUFA)

The European Film Academy (EFA) and Filmfest Hamburg congratulate HAPPY AS LAZZARO by Alice Rohrwacher, winner of the European University Film Award 2018.
The award will be presented on Friday, 14 December, at the welcome reception in the framework of the European Film Awards Weekend in Seville.
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Honorary Award of the EFA President and Board for Costa-Gavras

On the occasion of the 31st European Film Awards on 15 December, the legendary director Costa-Gavras will be presented with the Honorary Award of the EFA President and Board. With this award the European Film Academy wishes to pay special tribute an outstanding director and a personality with a strong political voice who is not only deeply respected by his colleagues but also celebrated by audiences worldwide.
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One EURIMAGES CO-PRODUCTION AWARD for two: Konstantinos Kontovrakis & Giorgos Karnavas

This year’s EURIMAGES CO-PRODUCTION AWARD, an award acknowledging the decisive role of co-productions in fostering international exchange, goes to two fellow producers: Konstantinos Kontovrakis and Giorgos Karnavas.
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Jury Unveils First Eight EFA Winners 2018

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions announce the first winners who will be honoured at this year’s European Film Awards. A special eight-member jury convened in Berlin and, based on the EFA Feature Film Selection, decided on the winners in the categories cinematography, editing, production design, costume design, hair & make-up, composer, sound design and, for the first time, visual effects.
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At the Seville European Film Festival, the European Film Academy and EFA Productions proudly announced the nominations for the 31st European Film Awards. The more than 3,500 EFA Members will now vote for the winners who will be presented during the awards ceremony on 15 December in Seville.
check out the nominations here

New Short Film Selection & Awarding Procedure for the EFAs

For the 2019 and 2020 editions of the European Film Awards, the European Film Academy will welcome new festivals to participate in the EFA Short Film selection and awarding procedure. Joining the network of 15 already existing partner festivals, at each festival an independent jury will choose one short film from its competition as a candidate for the European Film Awards short film category.
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Four Animation Films and Three Comedies Nominated for the European Film Awards 2018

The European Film Academy proudly announces the nominations for the award categories EUROPEAN ANIMATED FEATURE FILM 2018 and EUROPEAN COMEDY 2018.
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EFA Honours Ralph Fiennes

In recognition of a rich and extensive career in front of and behind the camera, Ralph Fiennes will receive the honorary award EUROPEAN ACHIEVEMENT IN WORLD CINEMA.
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Six Debut Films Nominated for the European Film Awards 2018

The European Film Academy congratulates the nominees for the EUROPEAN DISCOVERY 2018 – Prix FIPRESCI, an award presented annually as part of the European Film Awards to a young and upcoming director for a first full-length feature film.
check out the nominated films!

15 Shorts Nominated for the European Film Awards 2018

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions are proud to present this year's short film nominations. At each of the 15 participating film festivals, an independent jury presented one European short film in competition with a nomination in the short film category of the European Film Awards.
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Five Films Nominated for European University Film Award (EUFA)

The European Film Academy and Filmfest Hamburg take great pleasure in announcing the five nominated films for the European University Film Award (EUFA). Introduced in 2016, this award is presented by university students from across Europe.
Check out the nominated films!

Vote Opens for People's Choice Award

Every year, the EFA People’s Choice Award allows film fans across Europe to elect their favourite film. When the European Film Academy invites its members, Europe’s greatest film stars, directors, actors and actresses, to attend the European Film Awards, the People’s Choice Award sheds a spotlight on the people films are made for: the audience. This year’s vote has started – vote now and win the chance to join winners and nominees for the awards ceremony in Seville!

Film fans can cast their vote here and win a trip to the 31st European Film Awards on 15 December in Seville!

49 Feature Films Selected for European Film Awards

The European Film Academy and EFA Productions have announced the titles of the 49 films in this year’s EFA Feature Film Selection, the list of feature-length fiction films recommended for a nomination for the European Film Awards 2018! 
Read more ...

15 Documentaries Selected

It is with great pleasure that the European Film Academy and EFA Productions announce the EFA Documentary Selection, a list of 15 European documentaries recommended for a nomination for this year's European Film Awards.
check out the selected films

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