Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria


It is the 1940 and the Czech lands have been occupied by tht Nazis. Eli ska is a young woman who was unable to complete medical school because Gentians closed the universities and now works as a nurse in a city hospital she is also involved in a resistance movement along with her lover, surgeon Richard, and their friend Dr. Chladek. One night, a man from a rural mountain area is brought to the hospital with serious injuries and desperately needs a transfusion. Eliska is the only one with the same blood type. Her blood saves his life and a connection: is* tormedAbetweehi the two that in the course of t$e story becomes an extraordinarily strong relationship between the modern, cosmopolitan, and educated Eliska and the barbaric, salt of the earth nan vdth the soul of a child, Joza... Zelary tells the story of a clash between two different worlds and two different people. It is story of an extraordinary relationship, of fear, misgivings, suspicion and especially of the love that forms out of antagonism between Ellska/Hana and Joza, a love born of the common will to survive.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Ondřej Trojan

Written by: Petr Jarchovsky

Produced by: Ondrej Trojan , Helena Uldrichová

Cinematography: Asen Sopov

Editing: Vladimír Barák

Production Design: Milan Býček

Costume Design: Katarina Bielikova

Original Score: Petr Ostrouchov

Cast: Jaroslava Adamová (Lucka ), Miroslav Donutil (Priest ), Jaroslav Dusek (Teacher Tkác), Iva Bittova (Zena), Anna Geislerová (Eliska / Hana ), György Cserhalmi (Joza)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2004