Benvenuto in San Salvario



Enrico Verra's Benvenuto in San Salvario [Welcome to San Salvario) tells the tale of a young photographer called Luca who lives, like director Verra himself, in the northern Italian city of Turin. Luca is a very talented photographer, but his style is too personal for his works to find a commercial outlet and, as a result, he is not making any money out of his photog¬raphy. This shortage of cash results in him having to move into the San Salvario district of Turin, where most of the city's immigrants live. But it is in San Salvario that Luca finds a new vocation in life: taking portraits of the mainly African immigrants who live there. He doesn't take just any portraits, however: he takes 'false' ones, which make the subject look happy and prosper¬ous. The photos are then sent back to Africa to prove how well the immigrant in question is doing in his or her new land.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Enrico Verra

Written by: Lucia Moisio, Enrico Verra, Marco Ponti

Cinematography: Gherardo Gossi

Editing: Valentina Girodo

Cast: Fabrizio Monetti, Laura Curino (Laura), Hassan Masdrour (Magid), Riccardo Lombardo (Luca)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 1999