An urban train link, the RER B, crosses Paris and its outskirts from north to south. A journey within indistinct spaces known as inner cities and suburbs. Several portraits, all individual pieces that form a whole. We.

Director's Biography

Alice Diop was born in a Paris suburb, France. Her films, which question French society and its cultural diversity, have screened at festivals including Cinéma du Réel in Paris, BFI London, Karlovy Vary, the Viennale and the documentary film festival in Lussas, France. Her feature-length documentary ON CALL (LA PERMANENCE) won the main prize at Cinéma du Réel while her short film TOWARDS TENDERNESS (VERS LA TENDRESSE) won the 2017 César French film prize for Best Short Film.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Alice Diop

Written by: Alice Diop

Produced by: Sophie Salbot

Cinematography: Sarah Blum

Editing: Amrita David

Production Design: Sophie Salbot

Sound: Mathieu Farnarier

Nominations and Awards

  • Documentary Selection 2021