France, Belgium


Random strangers have suddenly started attacking Vincent with murderous intent. His existence as an unremarkable man is overturned, and as things spiral violently out of control, he is forced to flee and change his life completely... A nerve-shredding, ground-breaking movie riding the new wave of French horror.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Stéphan Castang

Written by: Mathieu Naert

Produced by: Thierry Lounas, Claire Bonnefoy

Cinematography: Manuel Dacosse

Editing: Méloé Poilevé

Production Design: Sophie Lixon

Costume Design: Charlotte Richard

Make-Up & Hair: Pia Quin, José Luis Blasco

Original Score: John Kaced

Sound: Dirk Bombey

Cast: Karim Leklou (Vincent), Vimala Pons (Margaux)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery - Prix Fipresci 2023