Jim is an English lawyer in Tokyo finalising a very important deal with Mr Yakamoto – a Japanese businessman. Unfortunately, Jim’s not feeling that well. On top of that Mr Yakamoto has taken an instant dislike to him. The last thing in the world Jim wants to do is to go for a celebratory post-deal drink. Being a good lawyer, however, Jim agrees – although there is just one thing he needs to do before they go.

Director's Biography

Born in Spain to British and Danish parents, Jamie spent much of his youth travelling around the world with his family (living in Holland, Denmark, Korea, Japan, Venezuela, and Estonia). Eventually he returned to England where he completed his education and went to Oxford to read Law. After University Jamie attended Bar School and qualified as a Barrister before turning his attention to his life long obsession – Film. With no formal film education (other than a couple of weekend courses) Jamie went on to write, direct and produce two well received short films. Looking for another project to direct, Jamie decided to attempt a feature length script he had written a couple of years earlier entitled SOHO SQUARE. This film was produced for a total budget of GBP 5,000 and was acquired by the Sundance Channel in the US. In 2003, Jamie wrote and directed SHE LOVES ME, SHE LOVES ME NOT which was also acquired by The Sundance Channel. TOKYO JIM was completed in July 2006.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jamie Rafn

Written by: Jamie Rafn

Produced by: Jamie Rafn, Doug Wade

Cast: Jim Howick (Toby), Eiji Kusuhara (Mr. Yakamoto), Kinue Kato (translator), You-Ri Yamanaka (chamber maid)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2007