Der neunte Tag

Germany, Luxembourg


Abbé Kremer is released from a living hell in the Dachau concentration camp and sent home to Luxembourg. Upon his arrival, he soon learns that this is not a reprieve or a pardon of his crime - voicing oppositions to the Nazi's racial laws - but that he has nine days to convince the bishop of Luxembourg to work with the Nazi occupiers. Gestapo Untersturmführer Gebhardt is under pressure from his superior to have the Abbé succeed in creating a rift between the Luxembourg church and the Vatican - or be transferred to duty in the death camps in the East. Gebhart a former Catholic seminarian, uses theological arguments to bring the Abbé around but when they don't work, he resorts to more draconian measures.The Abbé is torn between his conscience and his horror of returning to Dachau.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Volker Schlöndorff

Written by: Eberhard Görner, Andreas Pflüger

Cinematography: Tomas Erhart

Editing: Peter Adam

Production Design: Ari Hantke

Cast: Ulrich Matthes (Henri Kremer), August Diehl (Gebhardt), Bibiana Beglau (Marie Kremer)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Actor 2005
  • Feature Film Selection 2005