A post-war flea market in Budapest: Monori, King of the market, has been very successful!. Whatever he touches turns to gold, and gold is the measure of all things. His daughter gives birth to a son and Monori pays her off in order to bring up his grandchild himself. When the child falls ill with diphtheria, it is gold, too, that saves it from ending up in the morgue.
Soon things begin to slow down in the market. It has been ordered that all gold be handed over to the government, but Monori hides his instead. When his daughter blackmails him he decides to keep the gold rather than his beloved grandchild. 1956. Bloodshed in the streets of the city. The gold must now help Monori's grandson, daughter and son-in-law to leave the country. And Monori fights his way through tank lines and skirmishes to once again prove his power...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Géza Bereményi

Written by: Géza Bereményi

Cinematography: Sándor Kardos

Original Score: Ferenc Darvas

Cast: Péter Andorai (Berci), Enikô Eszenyi (Monori Marika), Karoly Eperjes (Monori Sándor), András Papcsik (Valkó Imike), Barnabés Tôth (Valkó Imi), Judith Pogény (Monoriné)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Director 1989
  • European Film 1989
  • European Actor 1989
  • European Screenwriter 1989
  • European Composer 1989
  • European Cinematographer 1989