"My dear Alexander, we filmmakers are all sitting in the same train.Unfortunately there are very few seats.I will leave the train, so that you can take my place." These words by the late director Krzystof Kieslowski inspired the maker of "The last Soviet Movie". John F Romanoff, a writer from Brooklyn, reveals the truth about his ancestors, who were major participants in the Russian is an outrageous, witty and epic tale set in Russia.complete with train rides on the transsibirian railway, fights with wild beasts, encounters with ballerinas.nudity and Leninism. It is at the same time entertaining and challenging, countiniously questioning the reality of what is happening on screen as well as off.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Aleksandrs Petukhovs

Written by: Aleksandrs Hans, Aleksandrs Malers

Cinematography: Ralfs Jacobs , Genrihs Pilipsons

Editing: Jutta Brante, Kristians Strobls

Production Design: Aki Gäämbääle , Martins Tannenbergs

Costume Design: Maja Yakovics

Original Score: Ivars Vigners

Cast: Yevgenija Kryukova, Valdemars Karpach, Igor Klass, Dzintars Belogrudovs, Larisa Totunova

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2004