It was supposed to be a wild adventure in a far-off country, but when a naive young doctor arrives in 1970's Uganda - hoping for fun, sun and to lend a helping hand - he finds himself instead on a shocking ride into the darkest realm on earth: the human heart. This is the story of THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, a powerful thriller that recreates on screen the world of Uganda under the mad dictatorship of Idi Amin. Deftly mixing fact and fiction and startlingly resonant with today's world, the film features a tour de force performance from Forest Whitaker as Amin and carves two unforgettable portraits: one of a charismatic but psychopathic ruler who ravaged his country and the other,,of a witness to history who finally finds the courage to make a stand.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Kevin Macdonald

Written by: Jeremy Brock, Peter Morgan

Production Design: Anthony Dod Mantle

Original Score: Alex Heffes

Cast: James Mc Avoy, Kerry Washington, Gillian Anderson, Simon McBurney, David Oyelowo

Nominations and Awards

  • European Film 2007
  • European Director 2007
  • European Actor 2007
  • European Cinematographer – Prix Carlo Di Palma 2007
  • European Composer 2007
  • People's Choice Award 2007
  • Feature Film Selection 2007