November 1975. The second trial of Pierre Goldman is set to begin. Goldman, a far-left activist, faces life imprisonment for four armed robberies, one of which resulted in the death of two pharmacists, both women. Pleading not guilty at his trial, in a matter of weeks Goldman is transformed into a hero of the intellectual left. Before long, however, the relationship between Goldman and his attorney, the young Georges Kiejman, begins to fray. The elusive Goldman, ever the agitator, renders the outcome of the trial uncertain, risking a death sentence.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Cédric Kahn

Written by: Cédric Kahn, Nathalie Hertzberg

Main Producer: Benjamin Elalouf, Cédric Kahn

Cinematography: Patrick Ghiringhelli

Editing: Yann Dedet

Production Design: Guillaume Deviercy

Costume Design: Alice Cambournac

Make-Up & Hair: Gérald Portenart, Elodie Merlier

Sound: Erwan Kerzanet, Sylvain Malbrant, Olivier Guillaume

Visual Effects: Olivier Leibig

Casting: Antoine Carrard

Cast: Arieh Worthalter (Pierre Goldman), Arthur Harari (Maître Kiejman)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2023