La luz prodigiosa

Spain, Italy


Federico Garcia Lorca did not die in August 1936. Mentally unbalanced and amnesiac because of the shooting, he survived during a long period of time not knowing who he was in life.

August 1936
Joaquin, a young goatherd who lives alone in the countryside, finds a wounded man. Moving by compassion, he carries the man to his home and sends for the doctor, who carries out an emergency treatment and suggests him to keep the man hidden from his tyrants. Otherwise, they will kill him immediately.
Cohabiting with that unknown man, creates a situation filled with uneasiness and uncertainty.

Joaquin, a man in his fifties, comes back to Granada after forty years of absence. During these years he has been working as a metallurgist in the prosperous city of Bilbao. Nowadays, widower with some savings, he rents an apartment where he can start a relaxing retirement life.
A day prone to melancholy, he visits the old retarded home to find out something about the man he saved time ago. The stuff informs Joaquin that Galapago, name used for the amnesiac man, got away from the clinic six or seven years ago, after the death of the nun who cared for him.
Unexpected moments reveal Joaquin that remains of the complex and rich personality of his friend are still lurking.
Joaquin is divided between his feelings towards Federico and the desire to bring to light everything and become someone "important". Circumstances will force Joaquin to take a decision that will be his most significant and transcendental choice.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Miguel Hermoso

Written by: Fernando Marias

Cinematography: Carlos Suárez

Production Design: Félix Murcia

Costume Design: Sonia Grande

Make-Up & Hair: Miguel Sesé

Original Score: Ennio Morricone

Cast: Alfredo Landa (Joaquín), Nino Manfredi (Galápago), Kiti Manver (Adela)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2003