Le Conseguenze dell'Amore



Everyone has an unmentionable secret. But Titta Di Girolamo has more than one. It's obvious.

Otherwise why would a fifty-year-old man, from the south, want to live for eight years in an anonymous hotel room in an anonymous town in the Italian part of Switzerland? Eight years without working. Apparently. Years of silence and cigarettes, years perched in the lobby or the hotel bar, elegantly dressed, but never allowing himself any luxuries.

An atrocious routine, eternally waiting for something daring to happen. What on earth will happen? Titta observes, impassively peers at the life that goes by In front of him, revealing no sentiment, no emotion. Apparently. He no longer has anyone. Alone. A lost man. Lost for years In contemplation of something hidden. What is it? And why? What, then, are Tltta Di Girolamo's unmentionable secrets?

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Paolo Sorrentino

Written by: Paolo Sorrentino

Cinematography: Luca Bigazzi

Original Score: Pasquale Catalano

Cast: Toni Sevillo (Titta), Olivia Magnani (Sofia)

Nominations and Awards

  • People's Choice Award 2005
  • Feature Film Selection 2004