Les Choristes



In 1949, Clement Mathieu, an unemployed music teacher, is hired as supervisor in a boarding school for troubled children. The particularly repressive Rachin, the school's director, has trouble keeping these difficult pupils in line. By introducing them to the magic of singing, Mathieu changes their lives forever...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Christophe Barratier

Written by: Christophe Barratier, Philippe Lopes-Curval

Produced by: Arthur Cohn, Jacques Perrin, Nicolas Mauvernay

Cinematography: Carlo Varini, Dominique Gentil

Editing: Yves Deschamps

Original Score: Bruno Coulais, Christophe Barratier

Cast: François Berleand (Rachin), Jean-Baptiste Maunier (Joung Morhange), Kad Merad (Chabert), Gérard Jugnot (Clément Mathieu)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Composer 2004
  • European Film 2004
  • European Actor 2004
  • Feature Film Selection 2004