El 7º día



In the arid heat of rural Spain, two families have been fighting over the boundries of their land, located in a small town in the interior of the Spanish peninsula. These quarrels have already led to much bloodshed when Isabel, a teenager and eldest daughter of one of the families, tries to discover the true origin of the horrible conflict. Isabel finds out, with the help of her new boyfriend, Chino, that it all started because of an unrequited love. The bitter memory of this experience still poisons the heart of Luciana, who not only cannot forget, but also demands that her brothers revenge her, because as a woman she cannot do it herself. The entire town will pay the cost of this vengeance with their blood. Based on true events.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Carlos Saura

Written by: Ray Loriga

Produced by: Andres Vicente Gomez

Cinematography: François Lartigue

Editing: Julia Juániz

Production Design: Luis Gutiérrez

Original Score: Roque Baños

Cast: José Luis Gómez (Emilio), Juan Diego (Antonio), Jose Garcia (Jose), Victoria Abril (Luciana)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2004