Sommer Vorm Balkon



A hot summer in Berlin. Nike has a balcony, Katrin has a son, Ronald drives a truck, Tina's a waitress, Oskar and Helene are old and alone. Whether they're in the middle of their lives, nearing the end or just getting started - they all ask the same question: Does love last, beyond the seasons? Or is it just a substance in the brain that comes and goes? With a precise eye and great love for his characters, director Andreas Dresen has filmed the story of two girlfriends. Sitting on their balcony, between heaven and earth, they gaze down at a turbulent, trying existence - where the right men are often the wrong ones, and to get ahead a woman had better be not only good-looking but strong. Screenwriter Wolfgang Kohlhaase, a specialist for laconic dialogue, tells this story with a light hand. The film thus maintains an effortless balance between comedy and tragedy. Not least because of an outstanding cast (including Nadja Uhl, Inka Frledrich and Andreas Schmidt), Andreas Dresen has created Summer in Berlin -an enchanting comedy, full of human warmth, sincerity and delightful humor. That's life. Ain't it, now.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Andreas Dresen

Written by: Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Produced by: Stefan Arndt, Peter Rommel

Cinematography: Andreas Höfer

Editing: Jörg Hauschild

Original Score: Pascal Comelade

Cast: Nadja Uhl (Nike), Inka Friedrich (Katrin), Andreas Schmidt (Ronald)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2006