Serbia 2019


Based on true events, STITCHES takes place in contemporary Belgrade, 18 years after a young seamstress was coldly informed of her newborn's sudden death. She still believes the infant was stolen from her. Dismissed by others as paranoid and with a mother’s determination, she summons the strength for one last battle against the police, the hospital bureaucracy and even her own family to uncover the truth.

Director's Biography

Director Miroslav Terzić was born in Belgrade in 1969. He graduated in International Law and attended post-graduate studies at the faculty of dramatic arts at the University of Belgrade.


Cast & Crew

Directed by: Miroslav Terzic

Written by: Elma Tataragic, Milena Trobozic Garfield

Produced by: Uliks Fehmiu, Milena Trobozic Garfield

Cinematography: Damjan Radovanović

Editing: Milena Z. Petrovic

Production Design: Ana Buljan

Costume Design: Zora Mojsilovic Popovlc

Hair & Make-up: Dusica Vuksanovic

Original Score: Aleksandra Kovac

Main Cast: Jovana Stojiljkovic (Ivana), Vesna Trivalic (Marija), Dragana Varagic (Doktorka), Pavle Cemerikic (Marko), Snezana Bogdanovic (Ana), Marko Bacovic (Jovan)

Nominations and Awards

  • EFA Feature Film Selection 2019