Czech Republic, Germany


"Monika, Tonik and Dasha grew up together in the same housing project on the outskirts of a small industrial city. Now the childhood friends are adults, each struggling with feelings of desire and loneliness, longing and failure. While her boyfriend pursues wealth and success in America, Monika waits, ever-hopeful that he will arrange for her to join him. Tonik has fled his stifling conservative family and lives with an eccentric aunt: together they struggle to defend her derelict farmhouse against the encroaching industrial development nearby. Dasha has two small children and a feckless married lover. Fragile, unpredictable, edging ever nearer to the brink of despair, she turns viciously on those closest to her. Though none would admit it, each craves something the other has and it's these unspoken longings which bind them in difficult, complex, passionate friendships. Dasha's mental state worsens dramatically, and she is committed to an asylum. Afraid that they will be taken into care, Monika looks after her kids. And when Tonik readily offers his support - and his home - she discovers his unspoken love for her. For Tonik himself it's a new beginning, a new chance. But, whatever he tells himself, this game of happy families is only that - a game. Monika is waiting to escape to the Land of Opportunity, the children are only on loan, and there's always another leak in the farmhouse... By turns poignant, absurd and profoundly moving, beautifully directed and featuring a host of flawless performances, SOMETHING LIKE HAPPINESS is the second feature from award-winning Bohdan Slama. Vibrant and deeply affecting, SOMETHING LIKE HAPPINESS is a funny, tender and very human drama of passions and lives half-understood and veering out of control, shadowed by tragedy, shot through with hope."

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Bohdan Sláma

Written by: Bohdan Sláma

Cinematography: Divis Marek

Cast: Tatiana Vilhelmova (Monika), Pavel Liska (Tonik), Anna Geislerova (Dasha)

Nominations and Awards

  • People's Choice Award 2006
  • Feature Film Selection 2006