In the beginning of summer, six young people escape from their failures − in their families, love, money, ambitions, meeting with those who are different. They escape from the city, taken over by those that are different. Each one of them escapes East of Hell to the point farthest away, the sea coast, a clean and pristine beach. The clean beach brings them together and re-opens the prospective of hope to them all. But is such an escape at all possible?

Director's Statement

SNEAKERS is a film about freedom. Freedom to live wherever and however you want, freedom to communicate, and the kind of freedom any youngster needs in order to become a mature personality. As young directors, and this is our first film, we are interested in our generation’s predicaments – inability to tackle the more and more complicated issues of our existence, the ever growing aggression inside and around us. Our ambition is, through this film, to address the issue of the more and more difficult choices we have to face. Should we give up and go on living in a world we don’t want or should we get the hell out? But where to? Is there such a place? Or perhaps the only possible escape route leads into our own selves. We believe that this is a new and apparently lasting trend establishing itself in our society. Following the great emigration exodus abroad, another great wave is now underway − escape from reality. We hope that the film will be construed as a confession of our generation.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Valery Yordanov, Ivan Vladimirov

Written by: Valery Yordanov

Produced by: Galina Toneva, Kiril Kirilov

Cinematography: Rali Raltchev

Editing: Svetlana Kirilova

Production Design: Sabina Christova

Original Score: Kiril Dobrev

Cast: Ina Nikolova (Emi), Ivan Bamev (Ivo), Ivo Arakov (Wee), Philip Avramov (Blackbird), Vasil Draganov (Fatso/Ran), Valery Yordanov (Grey)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2012