Ricordati di me

Italy, France, UK


They wanted to make something of themselves. Giulia a great actress, Carlo a novelist. They their children were born and year after year their dreams of glory gave way to quiet family life. Giulia became a high school teacher, Carlo an employee in a finance company.
And here they are now, twenty years older and two teenage kids. Valentina is seventeen and Paolo has nearly finished high school. The times have changed and so have the way they dream. For Valentina the idea of success is a well defined, concrete horizon. She wants to become a showgirl and is willing to do anything to work in television. Her lucid determination causes an inevitable crack in the fragile surface of family calm, bringing out again everyone's sedated dreams, uncertainties and disappointments.
Even though they live under the same roof, small individual quivers quickly turn into a feverish, blind reconquest of what had been sacrificed for the others. Age suddenly no longer means anything, nor does a sense of the ridiculous. Giulia throws herself headlong onto the stage of an off off off theatre, and ends up falling in love with her director. Carlo, during a pathetic high school reunion, meets his school-days girlfriend who rekindles love in him again and becomes his inspiring muse. Valentina ends up before the footlights of a quiz show, while her brother Paolo wanders in confusion through the seif-centredness of his family, searching for a seif that doesn't want to take shape. In the end the four of them all ask themselves the same question: is it possible to start everything all over together?

Director's Biography

Gabriele Muccino began his career as assistant director to Marco Risi and Pupi Avati; with various television experiences behind him, he started out in the cinema in 1998 with his first feature film "THAT'S IT", which entered in competition at the Turin Festival. Thanks to "That's It", Gabriele was a candidate several times as best beginning director.
The following year he directed "BUT FOREVER IN MY MIND", a film that participated in some of the more important international festivals, among them the Venice Festival, the Toronto Film Festival and the London Film Festival, and won numerous awards both for best film and for best screenplay.
In 1999 he entered the world of commercials, directing several important campaigns (Nescaf, Buitoni, Pagine Gialle to mention a few).
In 2001 "THE LAST KISS" was released and Muccino became one of the stars of the Italian cinema season. Gabriele won the David di Donatello 2001 as best director of the year and 4 more Davids: best supporting actress, producer, editor and sound. He also received 5 nominations for screenplay, leading actor and actress, supporting actor and for best film. "The Last Kiss" also won the Biglietto d'oro due to the extraordinary box office results which gave the film the second best absolute Italian box office for the season.
That same year Gabriele signed an agreement with Miramax to direct his first film in the United States, filming now being planned for 2003.
In January 2002 Muccino won the audience prize at the Sundance Film Festival 2002 with "The Last Kiss".
That summer "The Last Kiss" was released in the United States, distributed by Think Film and at the same time Muccino began filming his new feature titled "REMEMBER ME" with Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Laura Morante and Monica Bellucci.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Gabriele Muccino

Written by: Heidrun Schleef

Produced by: Domenico Procacci

Cinematography: Marcello Montarsi

Editing: Claudio di Mauro

Production Design: Paola Bizzarri

Costume Design: Gemma Mascagni

Original Score: Paolo Buonvino

Cast: Fabrizio Bentivoglio (Carlo Ristuccia), Laura Morante (Giulia Ristuccia), Monica Bellucci (Alessia), Silvio Muccino (Paolo Ristuccia), Nicoletta Romanoff (Valentina Ristuccia)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2003