A girl is trying to save her mother. She might be saving much more. In a time in which all borders of ethnic, religious and cultural differences are being questioned, RAIN IS FALLING makes a connection, takes a look into a foreign world and encourages a dialogue between the worlds of strangers. RAIN IS FALLING tells the story of a solution that comparatively abstracts the big in the small. Love and humanity lifts up the most simple action to redemption, that may bridge human as well as cultural gaps.

Director's Biography

Born in Germany in 1972. After spending two years in the United States (Language School AEC West Palm Beach, internships at Newspaper »Palm Beach Post« in Florida and at Independent Films in New York), Holger Ernst studied Visual Communications with the focus on Writing and Directing at the Department of Film at the Academy of Arts in Kassel, Germany.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Holger Ernst (Holgerson (Commercials))

Written by: Mahtab Ebrahimzadeh, Holger Ernst (Holgerson (Commercials))

Cinematography: Stefan Grandinetti

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2005