Diane adores her husband, and, of course, her children, and she just loves her job in a small publishing house. She lives in Paris, France. She's got it good.

Until the day she's literally stricken by the sight of Emilio, a young hydraulics engineer, "young, handsome and just passing through", who is working for a humanitarian organisation.

Diane climbs out of her domestic trench, and rushes headlong onto the dangerous road of amour fou. She sincerely believes that the second part of her life is a bout to begin ...

She's wrong: Emilio departs, leaving her high and dry. She is devastated by a "romantic waterloo" where she loses everything: her lover, her husband, her children, her health. Her relationship with a young novelist, François, whose second book she midwifes, eventually provides her with a means of coming to terms with the events in her life.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Brigitte Roüan

Written by: Brigitte Roüan, Santiago Amigorena, Jean-Louis Richard, Guy Zilberstein, Philippe Le Guay

Produced by: Humbert Balsan

Cinematography: Pierre Dupouey, Arnaud Leguy, Bruno Mistretta

Editing: Laurent Rouan

Production Design: Roland Deville

Costume Design: Florence Emir, Marika Ingrato

Sound Design: Dominique Vieillard

Cast: Brigitte Roüan (Diane Clovier), Patrick Chesnais (Philippe Clovier), Boris Terral (Emilio), Nils Tavernier (François Narou)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Actress 1997
  • Feature Film Selection 1997