4 year-old Ponette's mother dies suddenly in a car accident.
Her absence becomes unbearable.
Ponette talks to her, waits for her, Looks for her, with growing determination and singlemindedness.
No one can convince her that she won't be able to find her.

Director's Biography

Born in Paris in 1944, Jacques Doillon started his career as an editor. He directed several shorts before his feature debut in 1973. He rose to fame with his second film LES DOIGTS DANS LA TOTE which marked the beginning of a unique style of filmmaking. His attention to emotional subtlety and visual detail has forged his reputation as a highly rigorous yet understanding director of actors.
"What I love about the cinema," he says, "is the marriage between actor and role. If either is lacking the film becomes a puppet show. I write characters in order for actors to breathe life into them." Actors are rewarded with finely crafted dialogue.
"Alongside filming, my favorite activity is writing dialogue. I give no notes as to motivation or movement. Everything is in the dialogue"

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jacques Doillon

Written by: Jacques Doillon

Produced by: Alain Sarde

Cast: Victoire Thivisol (Ponette), Marie Trintignant (The mother), Xavier Beauvois (The father), Claire Nebout (The aunt)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 1996