A touching and heartbreaking story about filmmakers Andreas and Lea's love for each other and the child they have together. About volatility, loss and the belief that love will prevail, even when life is at its most difficult.

Director's Statement

This was never meant to be a film, but rather a personal archive of images and diary notes from a happy moment in life.
But as events turned out the way they did and reality became a dramatic meeting of life and death, I found that no one was able to listen to my story.
The events seemed to overwhelm everyone in a way that made it impossible for me to talk to people about it. They would simply turn away from the conversation.
But the second you turn your story into something larger like a film, it becomes both a story and an artistic statement, and in this case containing the subjective truth that I needed to tell the world.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Andreas Bøggild Monies

Written by: Andreas Bøggild Monies

Produced by: Charlotte Pedersen, Liv Lundholm Pedersen, Andreas Bøggild Monies

Cinematography: Andreas Bøggild Monies

Editing: Andreas Bøggild Monies

Original Score: Dmitry Evgrafov

Sound: Símun Lindholm Mohr

Cast: Lea Glob, Andreas Bøggild Monies

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2023