In 2013, an auteur film causes a scandal because of its sex scenes. The filmmaker was sixteen and one of the angry viewers. Ten years later, they are ready to settle the score with this film in the form of a video essay.

Director's Statement

OUT OF THE BLUE started as a videographic research project. I’ve always been angry at the sex scenes of a specific film, but never got the chance to articulate my anger in a precise discourse. So, for my bachelor thesis I decided to have a closer look at the film to find arguments. Along this theoretical approach, something deeply personal merged with the research, and pushed me to create this in-between object, that is both a video-essay and a personal short film.
Since I was working with images that disturbed me, I looked for a way to make their discourse visible without actually showing them again. I found a filter where only the contours are visible, and I made them blue to evoke the original novel that inspired the film.
I hope that, as spectators, we don’t have to remain passive in front of the images that hurt us. We can answer them and create something new from them. I believe that video-essays can be a tool to help us reclaim our stories.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Morgane Frund

Written by: Morgane Frund

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2024