Advertising on exterior billboards has recently been forbidden in Greece. As a result there are hundreds of blank billboards that don’t show any messages. But the empty frames are now the message. And we are out of frame.

Director's Statement

Yorgos Zois was born in Athens. His first short film, CASUS BELLI, premiered in Venice in 2010 and participated in the international competition of the most important film festivals world-wide, winning several first awards. It was theatrically distributed in Greece and France and was broadcast by several TV stations around the globe. His second short film, TITLOI TELOUS (Out of Frame), premiered at Venice IFF 2012. How long did it take to make your short? Was it difficult to get financing? It took me about seven months of location scouting and shooting simultaneously. Because all of the scenes in the film happened in real life, we shot the same shot in the same location repeatedly at different hours on different days, even months after the first shot. It was financed with the prize money of awards from my previous film. We could have gotten money from state funding, but we just wanted to be autonomous and free and to start right away. Which thoughts come to mind concerning a “European cinema community”? Solidarity in action and the creation of a network of filmmakers in order to assist their colleagues. If you owned a theatre for one night, which films would you screen? I would screen films that I respect and admire but that were never screened in my country. What is your next project? A feature film called STAGE FRIGHT. Stage fright is the fright of an actor performing on stage. But the main term comes from psychiatric science and means the fright of exposing out true self in front of others. The whole film takes place in a theatre.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Yorgos Zois

Written by: Marisha Triantafyllidou

Produced by: Yorgos Zois, Maria Drandaki

Cinematography: Yiannis Kanakis

Editing: Ioannis Chalkiadakis

Original Score: Novi Sad

Sound: Ioannis Chalkiadakis

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2012