Nichts Bereuen



"Nichts Bereuen / No Regrets" is about Daniel (Daniel Brühl), a frustrated I 9-year-old who is convinced that life — and more importantly love — is passing him by. Luca (Jessica Schwarz) is the love of Daniel's life. She is fascinating, breathtaking, exciting and: way mit of his league! Out of sheer desperation Daniel seeks help "from above" and crucifies himself in the church, causing hirn to promptly lose his job. After that, one problem follows another: he meets Anna (Marie-Lou Seilern), a welfare worker, gets in a fight with his best friend Dennis (Denis Moschito), robs a gas station and finally sleeps with a girl. To make matters worse, his new job brings nothing but trouble: a nursing home patient dies.
Still, all of these small and not-so-small catastrophes show Daniel that life is what happens in between. And that is why Daniel has no regrets.


One of the reasons I wanted to direct the coming-of-age story about Daniel is because I wrote the original story. And the autobiographical parts of the story are not
insignificant. I can honestly say that I found growing up to be much more difficult than it had to be. And that's why I wanted to teil this story. I wanted to show people that you have to find your own way through life, your own way to deal with first love. You have to learn to deal with your future and all its problems by yourself. And everyone who has that part of their life behind them should be reminded again and again just how difficult it was.
Daniel learns to accept life as it is. That doesn't mean he has to be satisfied with it. Even if he has difficult moments to endure, he will never again somehow enjoy the total helplessness and cruel bitterness that he does at the beginning of the movie. And that's what it's all about: trying to get your life a little better under control. Maybe our film is one step in that direction.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Benjamin Quabeck

Written by: Hendrik Hölzemann

Produced by: Stephanie Wagner

Cinematography: David Schultz

Editing: Tobias Haas

Costume Design: Sandra Schulte

Original Score: Lee Buddah

Sound Design: Bernd Schreiner

Cast: Daniel Brühl (Daniel), Jessica Schwarz (Luca), Denis Moschitto (Dennis), Josef Heynert (Axel), Sonja Rogusch (Maria), Marie-Lou Sellem (Schwester Anna)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery of the Year - Fassbinder Award  2002