Niko - Lentäjän poika

Finland, Germany, Denmark, Ireland


Little reindeer boy Niko has never met his real father who is supposed to be a member of Santa’s legendary Flying Forces – the coolest reindeers around! But the other reindeers don’t believe his stories about his famous father or his claim that one day he will fly just like his dad – He stumbles over all the time and everybody is laughing at him.
After a wolf attack on his herd’s peaceful home which he takes responsibility for, he sets off for a desperate, dangerous mission through icy blizzards and across wild terrain looking for his father. He discovers a devious plan to destroy and replace the famous flying squadron by the evil Black Wolf and his gang. On his heroic journey to find his father and save Christmas, Niko is accompanied by his true friend and surrogate father Julius – a clumsy flying squirrel who has nurtured and indulged the boy’s dream.
Much to Julius’ annoyance, the two of them are joined by sassy singing weasel Wilma, who actually knows the way to Santa’s Fell. Having passed many adventures on the trio’s hazardous expedition, Niko faces the biggest challenge when he has to choose between the life he has always dreamt of and his family…

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Michael Hegner

Produced by: Petteri Pasanen, Hannu Tuomainen

Nominations and Awards

  • European Animated Feature Film 2009