Mein Letzter Film



MY LAST FILM: This is Marie's last film; the last, lonely appearance by a great actress whose beauty is timeless. Hannelore Eisner plays the protagonist, and Oliver Hirschbiegel directs. The screenplay is by Bodo Kirchhoff. Marie has achieved all there is to achieve for a woman in her profession, and she decides to turn her back on her former life. While she packs her things, she discloses the details of her life - perhaps for the first time. And a young cameraman - whom we see briefly at the beginning and at the end of the film - captures all of it The result is a 90-minute solo performance in Marie's old Berlin apartment, a performance in which the actress looks back on her life. We hear about Richard: the man who discovered her, her director, and her husband of many years. And the man who betrayed her in a way she ultimately couldn't ignore. She had wanted to grow old with him: A an unrealized dream! Marie kicked Richard out a year ago, but the real payback is about to come... We also hear about Marie's relationship to Paul, the politician who cried on her shoulder, the man "who couldnt live with marriage and couldn't live without it"; and about Tomas, the famous soccer coach. He was never a man of many words, but he could cook and he was tender. His final words to her were: "It's not about us, it's about German soccer... ". Choosing things to take or leave behind, Marie sorts through and puts her fulfilled life in order. She probes further to discover fundamental truths: what has made her happy and what has destroyed her. Vividly and mercilessly, she reveals the best and the worst times she experienced with Richard, and even talks about the death of her much-wanted daughter when the baby was just three days old - a child she didn't even have the chance to name. Calmly, yet passionately, she tells all this to man whom she suspects will not keep this film for himself, but will pass on to a TV station - as we see he does. Thus, she speaks occasionally to the viewer, and there is an intense feeling of presence which lives up to her motto: 'The here and now is when it hurts". Marie has played every role; what remains is Marie herself. She exits triumphantly, but without applause: "I will play better than I ever have, and nobody will witness it."

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Written by: Dr. Bodo Kirchhoff

Produced by: Hubertus Meyer-Burckhardt

Cinematography: Rainer Klausmann

Editing: Martina Matuschewski

Production Design: Christian Bussmann

Costume Design: Claudia Bobsin

Sound Design: Kai Lüde

Cast: Wanja Mues (Young man), Hannelore Elsner (Marie)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2003