Minor Mishaps is the story of a family in which family relations are put to the test after the mother dies. It is a collective tale in which we follow the lives of the four leads -John, the father, who has a serious heart condition but risks his life by sticking to his job as a hospital porter; Tom, his son, who is in the process of losing his wife and children because his career as a building contractor overshadows everything else; Eva, the elder daughter, trying to make her way as an artist but "scared shitless" whenever she faces a blank canvas; and Marianne, the younger daughter, who gets a new job running the staff canteen at an accountancy partnership and despite her inexperienced, awkward behaviour initiates an affair with a colleague. All four try to find themselves and one another, and all four learn that families aren't something you choose, but something you just have .

Director's Biography

Annette K. Olesen graduated from the Danish Film School in 1991. Her graduation film "10:32 tirsdag —en krligheds historie" (10:32AM Tuesday — A Love Story) has won several prizes at various Film School Festivals around the world. Besides working in the advertising field, Annette has directed a number of short films and award-winning documentaries. In addition, she has also been teaching at the acclaimed Danish Film School and has received a grant from the Danish National Art Fund. Minor Mishaps, which won the Blue Angel in main competition at the Berlin International Film Festival 2002 is Annette K. Olesen's feature film debut.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Annette K. Olesen

Written by: Kim Fupz Aakeson

Produced by: Ib Tardini

Cinematography: Morten Søborg

Editing: Nicolaj Monberg

Costume Design: Helle Nielsen

Original Score: Jeppe Kaas

Sound Design: Anne Jensen

Cast: Heine Ankerdal (Peter), Jorgen Kiil (John), Maria Würgler Rich (Marianne), Henrik Prip (Tom), Jesper Christensen (Søren), Jannie Faurschou (Eva), Karen-Lise Mynster (Hanne), Julie With (Lisbeth)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery of the Year - Fassbinder Award  2002
  • People's Choice Award 2002
  • Feature Film Selection 2002