Spain 2015


Alicia, a sick child who dreams of wearing the dress of her favourite Japanese series magical girl Yukiko. Luis, her father, will try to do everything in his hand to achieve it. But his fate intersects with Barbara, an attractive young woman with mental disorders and with Damian, a teacher retired from everything but from his troubled past.
Luis, Barbara and Damian will be trapped in a world of blackmailing, where instincts and reason will struggle in a tragic battle, changing their lives forever.

Directors Statement

In my new film, as it happens in the latest Korean genre films, the story is what it is because the characters make certain decisions, and the characters grow the way they do because the story puts them in that situation. Therefore, they are inseparable.
MAGIC GIRL uses a chain of blackmails, a black cinema typical element, to speak about love, desire, obsession and the relationship between human beings and their darker side. The eternal conflict of the human souls struggling against their enemies.

Cast & Crew

Directed by : Carlos Vermut

Written by : Carlos Vermut

Produced by : Pedro Hernández Santos

Director of Photography : Santiago Racaj

Editor : Emma Tusell

Production Design : Montse Lacruz

Costume Design : Iratxe Sanz

Sound Design : Daniel de Zayas, Eduardo G. Castro

Main Cast : Luis Bermejo (Luis), Lucía Pollán (Alicia), José Sacristán (Damián), Bárbara Lennie (Bárbara)

Nominations and Awards

  • EFA Feature Film Selection 2015