Historie miłosne



This film is made up of four simultaneously running episodes, bound together with the same subject matter, which is love. A 45-years-old man is the protagonist of each of them. The movie examines his relationships with women of different ages.
The student, Ewa, has a crush on her teacher. She declares her love and offers herself to him, which, all in all, makes him rather more embarrassed than willing. By rejecting her affection, he unwittingly causes her to be expelled from university.
A parish priest, the main character of another episode, learns, much to his dismay, that he is the father of a teenage girl, Magda who, bereft of her mother, needs him badly. So the priest renounces the cassock for the love of his daughter.
An army colonel lives with his spouse. Theirs, however, is a marriage of convenience. One day, Tamara, a Russian, comes to visit him. She was his big love of years past. The colonel tries to rekindle the old affair, but his professional obligations get in the way. Ever timid, he chickens out and forfeits his chances for true love.
An inmate and his flame, Kryśka, accuse and blackmail each other in court, but they love each other anyway. On the one hand, they betray and cheat, but on the other, help each other out. lt is an on-again and off-again romance of betrayals and reconciliations. Despite his violent goings-on, the inmate does not doubt his Kryśka and comes to accept her love, the bitter with the sweet.
Another character spans all these stories. He is a mysterious pollster who records the protagonists' replies to his questions.


Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jerzy Stuhr

Written by: Jerzy Stuhr

Produced by: Jacek Bromski, Jacek Moczydlowski, Juliusz Machulski

Cinematography: Pawel Edelman

Editing: Elzbieta Kurkowska

Original Score: Adam Nowak

Cast: Jerzy Stuhr (priest, lecturer, prisoner, colonel), Katarzyna Figura, Dominika Ostalowska, Irina Alfiorowa, Karollna Ostrozna, Jerzy Nowak

Nominations and Awards

  • European Actor 1997