Czech Republic, Slovakia


After 15 years, Diana finds the letters her father used to send her. Will what she is going to read now mend her relationship with her dad? Will she forgive him for leaving their family? This story brings back childhood memories: carefree holidays and fun at the funfair to the rhythm of disco music, but also sadness and suffering. The author uses a collage of old letters, archival films and photographs as well as children’s drawings and cut-outs to recreate the past. Apart from the story of a Czech-Vietnamese family, this documentary animation touches upon the problem of socio-cultural differences.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Written by: Diana Cam Van Nguyen

Editing: Lukáš Janicík

Sound: Viera Marinová

Animation: Vojtech Domlátil

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2022