The Netherlands


Daantje is a fashion student at Amsterdam Art School. One day her weirdo brother Martijn, who she hasn't seen for years, turns up and starts to capture her every move on video. In no time at all, her best friend Ingeborg and new boyfriend Ramon are alienated by this rude, aggressive stranger. But clearly Martijn has some hold over Daantje. Glimpses of their old Super-8 home movies suggest that something must have happened in their childhood, which caused their year-long separation and tense relationship. Secluding themselves and playing games, Daantje and Martijn gradually recreate lost memories but when the truth about the traumatic childhood events emerges, Daantje's role in it was not what we expect. His guilt removed, it is finally possible for Martijn to switch off the camera.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Robert Jan Westdijk

Written by: Jos Driessen, Robert Jan Westdijk

Produced by: Clea de Konine, Robert Jan Westdijk

Cast: Kim van Kooten (Daantje), Hugo Metsers (Martijn), Roeland Fernhout (Ramon), Ganna Veenhuysen (Ingeborg)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 1996