A selfish postman and a reclusive toymaker form an unlikely friendship, delivering joy to a cold, dark town that desperately needs it.

Director's Biography

Sergio Pablos has worked in the animation industry for over 20 years, working across disciplines such as animation supervising, character design, story, executive producing, writing and directing. He co-created the 2010 global hit DESPICABLE ME, and his past credits include TARZAN, THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, HERCULES, and many more. He is a two-time Annie Award nominee for his character design work on RIO and TREASURE PLANET, and a 2019 recipient of the Animation Magazine Hall of Fame award. Sergio opened his Madrid-based company, SPA Studios, to create his passion project of 15 years - KLAUS. The film marked Pablos’ directorial debut. Sergio is currently focusing on the development of original stories and production for animated films.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Sergio Pablos

Written by: Sergio Pablos, Jim Mahoney, Zach Lewis

Produced by: Jinko Gotoh, Sergio Pablos, Marisa Román

Editing: Pablo García Revert

Production Design: Szymon Biernacki, Marcin Jakubowski

Original Score: Alfonso G. Aguilar

Sound: Gabriel Gutiérrez

Animation: Yoshimichi Tamura, Victor Ens, Sergio Martins, Charlie Bonifacio, Slaven Reese, Matt Williames, David Lamas Grimaldi

Nominations and Awards

  • European Animated Feature Film 2020