Csak A Szél

Hungary, Germany, France


Mari lives with her invalid father and two children in a shack in the woods outside the city. Their living conditions are modest, like those of their fellow Romani neighbours. For centuries, their “kind” has been commonly referred to as gypsies. Recently, more than ever, they must exist stealthily: five entire families in the area have already been murdered, gunned down in their own homes. The Romani community struggles to continue their simple daily routine amid the anxiety of the suspected racially motivated crimes. Mari juggles her two jobs. Teenager Anna tries to concentrate on her schoolwork and sketches. But young Rio is preoccupied with other things. He is getting ready ... (Inspired by real events)

Director's Statement

− A Series of Violence − In 2008 and 2009 in Hungary, a group of offenders committed acts of violence against Romanies. 16 homes were attacked with Molotov cocktails and 63 shots were fired with shotguns and rifles. The crimes total a number of 55 victims. Five people were injured to various degrees. Six died in the attacks. The suspects are currently the subject of criminal proceedings. Though instigated by these criminal acts, this film is not a documentation of the publicly released information on the actual events. − Being Hunted− Killers are simple, everyday people: they listen to commercial radio stations, go to malls, window-shop, have some mortgage payments and maybe even kids. Murder is generally just an episode in their lives which destroys them and those in their environment. They are losers. At least that’s the conclusion I came to after I conducted a few in-depth interviews with convicted murderers. For me, while filming JUST THE WIND, it was more important to stay with the potential victims. It is a great challenge to get the audience to feel even a little bit of what the victims experience while they are being hunted. The heroes of my film are simple Romanies: a middle-aged mother raising her kids, an eleven year-old boy and a just-blooming teenage girl. The woman cares for her invalid father and in the meantime works as a cleaning lady, while the girl goes to school and the boy roams around the area near his home. Their paths diverge during the day and the question is: will they ever see each other again?

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Bence Fliegauf

Written by: Bence Fliegauf

Produced by: Mónika Mécs, András Muhi, Ernö Mesterházy

Cinematography: Zoltán Lovasi

Editing: Xavier Box

Original Score: Tamás Beke

Cast: Gyöngyi Lendvai (Anna), Lajos Sárkány (Rio), György Toldi (grandpa), Katalin Toldi (Mari)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2012