Finland, Germany, Australia


In the year 1945, the Nazis retreated to the Moon, where they have been preparing for their grand return for the last 70 years. Now it’s 2018 and the Americans are to ruin their plans by practically landing in their backyard. The greatest war machine in history, the “Götterdämmerung”, is completed. Soon the earth’s sky is filled with iron.

Director's Statement

The first idea for IRON SKY was born about seven years ago, in the most Finnish environment possible – the sauna. We laughed about the idea of a movie with space Nazis living on the dark side of the moon, gathering strength to return to the earth looking for a conquest. We played with the thought of having Udo Kier playing Hitler’s successor, Nazi leader Wolfgang Kortzfleisch, and laughed a little more because obviously we thought that was never going to happen. But here we are, many years and a gigantic amount of work later, I can finally show you this half-mad, half-genious idea come to life. Although IRON SKY is a sci-fi comedy about Moon Nazis invading earth, there’s more than just that to the film. At its core, IRON SKY is a story about the human capacity for change. And, despite the seemingly cynical view on international politics, it does leave the light on at the end of the tunnel. Man is man’s wolf, but the only hope for mankind is our capability to live with and accept other people. The main themes of IRON SKY include individuality and how readily people will give it up − and how this can be abused for selfish purposes. The film scrutinises force-fed ideology and mass movements as well as world politics.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Timo Vuorensola

Written by: Timo Vuorensola, Michael Kalesniko

Produced by: Mark Overett, Samuli Torssonen, Tero Kaukomaa, Oliver Damian, Cathy Overett

Cinematography: Mika Orasmaa

Editing: Suresh Ayyar

Production Design: Ulrika von Vegesack

Original Score: Laibach

Cast: Christopher Kirby (James Washington), Udo Kier (Wolfgang Kortzfleisch), Julia Dietze (Renate Richter), Götz Otto (Klaus Adler)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2012