En la ciudad



A group of friends in a big city. A journey through each of their private, untold stories. Through their deepest feelings and secret desires. Through the world of emotions always kept hidden. Loneliness in the city in a choral, urban story.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Cesc Gay

Written by: Cesc Gay, Tomás Aragay

Produced by: Marta Esteban, Gerardo Herrero

Cinematography: Andreu Rebes

Editing: Frank Gutiérrez

Production Design: Daniel Gimelberg

Costume Design: Glòria Viguer

Make-Up & Hair: Montse Boqueras

Original Score: Jordi Prats , Joan Díaz

Cast: Alex Brendemühl (Tomas), Eduard Fernandez (Mario), Vicenta Ndongo (Sara), Monica Lopez (Irene ), Chisco Amado (Manu), Miranda Makaroff (Ana), Maria Pujalte (Sofia)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2004