Small shimmering animals are in heat. A two-legged forest dweller encounters the lustful group. He and his companions snack on the little creatures and soon a feast begins.

Director's Statement

In its hybrid form, ZOON combines techniques of stop-motion, puppetry and 2D. The axolotl puppets were
formed out of plasticine and were animated frame by frame, whereas other puppets were marionetted in real
time in front of the camera. Later, the faces, hands and feet were digitally drawn by hand. The backgrounds
consisted of 3D elements, photos of built backgrounds, and paintings. The puppeteering team consisted of
stop-motion and 2d experienced animators. No one in the team had much experience with puppeteering.
The shooting was all the more fun: the team was curious to try out the peculiarities of the unfamiliar
technique. In constant dialogue with the puppets, which didn't have faces yet but already had personalities, there was a lot of laughter on the set.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jonatan Schwenk

Written by: Jonatan Schwenk, Merlin Flügel

Produced by: Jonatan Schwenk

Cinematography: Ferdinand Kowalke

Editing: Jonatan Schwenk

Production Design: Jonatan Schwenk

Costume Design: Anne Breymann, Hélène Tragesser

Original Score: David Kamp

Sound: David Kamp

Visual Effects: Marc Rühl, Valentin Oellers

Animation: Thalke Thyen, Max Mörtl, Maria Teixeira, Marta Magnuska, Jonatan Schwenk

Nominations and Awards

  • Short Film Candidates 2023