Three generations of women survive the East wind, fire, insanity, superstition and even death by means of goodness, lies and boundless vitality. They are Raimunda, who is married to an unemployed labourer and has a teenage daughter, Paula; Sole, her sister, who makes a living as a hairdresser; and the mother of both, who died in a fire along with her husband. This character appears first to her sister (Aunt Paula) and then to Sole, although the people with whom she has some unresolved matters are Raimunda and her neighbour in the village, Agustina.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Pedro Almodóvar

Written by: Pedro Almodóvar

Produced by: Esther García

Cinematography: José Luis Alcaine

Editing: José Salcedo

Original Score: Alberto Iglesias

Cast: Yohanna Cobo (Paula), Carmen Maura (Irene), Lola Duenas (Sole), Blanca Portillo (Agustina), Penélope Cruz (Raimunda), Chus Lampreave (aunt Paula)

Nominations and Awards

  • People's Choice Award 2006
  • European Director 2006
  • European Actress 2006
  • European Cinematographer – Prix Carlo Di Palma 2006
  • European Composer 2006
  • European Film 2006
  • European Screenwriter 2006
  • Feature Film Selection 2006