An alien entity inhabits the earthly forms of a seductive young woman who combs the Scottish highways in search of the human prey it is here to plunder. It lures its isolated and forsaken male victims into an otherworldly dimension where they are stripped and consumed. But life in all its complexity starts to change the alien. It begins to see itself as 'she', as human, with tragic and terrifying consequences. UNDER THE SKIN is about seeing ourselves through alien eyes.

Director's Statement

I remember the first time I saw the image of this planet as photographed by man. The life-giving glow of earth held like an only child in the black eternal void.
That Godlike perspective defines us as a species that is transcending its physical limitations. In that image both our power and our fragility come into sharp focus.
It is a very alluring vision. As I began to imagine this film, I pictured an alien seeing this.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jonathan Glazer

Written by: Walter Campbell, Jonathan Glazer

Produced by: Nick Wechsler, James Wilson

Cinematography: Daniel Landin

Editing: Paul Watts

Production Design: Chris Oddy

Costume Design: Steve Noble

Original Score: Mica Levi

Sound: Johnnie Burn

Cast: Scarlett Johansson

Nominations and Awards

  • European Composer 2014
  • Feature Film Selection 2014