TWIN FLOWER is the dark tale of two teens abused and damaged by life, who together, try to regain their lost innocence.16-year-old Anna is on the run, escaping from a violent event that traumatised her. Because of what has happened to her she has lost her voice.On the road she is rescued by Basim, a 16-year-old illegal migrant from Ivory Coast. Together, they embark on a perilous journey through the deserted lands, woods, villages and breathtaking landscapes of Sardinia.Anna is pursued by Manfredi, the migrant trafficker her father used to work for. Manfredi has always been obsessed by Anna, by her strength, her innocence, her beauty. When Anna runs away from him the man’s fury is unleashed into a pursuit like that of a wild beast on the trail of its prey.Everywhere Anna goes, Manfredi is just behind her.Anna and Basim only have each other in the world. Their love becomes their strength. Together, they become a single element: a twin flower.Finding shelter in the beautiful and mysterious land of Sardinia, their lives become a dark tale in a world which is all too real. Their odyssey will reach its climax in a desperate act that will finally set them free, leaving them ready to walk together towards their future.

Director's Statement

TWIN FLOWER is a dark tale about two adolescents, Anna and Basim. An illegal African migrant and the daughter of a migrant trafficker, an unlikely pair. They don't speak the same language, they come from backgrounds that are miles apart, both on the run from a past they want to forget. The film is shot on the beautiful island of Sardinia. All my actors are "real". I started from reality to write the film.The mean character, Manfredi, is obsessed by Anna's innocence: when she escapes after a violent event, the man's fury is unleashed into a pursuit like that of a wild beast on the trail of its prey. He is alone, fearing loneliness, as he tells her, more than anything else. He is a crystal giant, as I describe him. Manfredi, too, is real. He is played by real life con-actor Aniello Arena. Casting was a long process but when I found the actors, I found the film. They are deeply similar to the characters they play. They are "natural", they blend with nature. Nature is the key word for my film.When Basim finds Anna, he will protect her. The migrant comes for protection but he will end up protecting. Against all odds, they become one thing. Their strong and desperate love is set between reality and magic, a delicate balance between everyday violence and the dream to escape it. This is the story of a dream they share that will help them survive even the cruellest twists of fate.

Director's Biography

Laura Luchetti has directed short films, music videos, commercials, documentaries, theatre productions. Her first feature film HAYFEVER has been awarded by many international film festivals. Her first stop motion project TOILETS has been nominated for the Silver Ribbon Award for Best Animation and her new animation stop motion project SUGARLOVE was selected at the 75th Venice Film Festival Critics Week in 2018.

2018 - SUGARLOVE, anim.
2016 - COME LA NEVE, music video for Boosta
2016 - TOILETS, short
2014 - SEARCHING, video installation
2012 - INCOGNITA POESIA, music video for Giordana Angi
2009 - LA NATURA DELLA MUSICA, commercial
2009 - FEISBUM
2007 - THE SEA, short
2006 - LA TARTARUGA, short
1997 - IN GREAT SHAPE, short

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Laura Luchetti

Written by: Laura Luchetti

Produced by: Giuseppe Gallo

Cinematography: Ferran Rubio Paredes

Editing: Paola Freddi

Production Design: Cinzia Lo Fazio, Francesca Melis

Costume Design: Salvatore Aresu, Franco Pintus, Stefania Grilli

Make-Up & Hair: Stefania Bettini, Selene Colonna, Gerolama Sale

Original Score: Francesco Cerasi

Sound: Piergiuseppe Fancellu, Biagio Gurrieri, Andrea Viali, Ivan Caso, Nadia Paone

Cast: Kalill Kone (Basim), Anastasiya Bogach (Anna)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2019