Czech Republic


The brothers Viper and Cobra are unable to build up a life to be satisfied with. Viper, unemployed and lonely, does not know how to escape from the shadow of his junkie and troublemaker brother. Until one day he decides to teach him a life lesson he should never forget.... A lesson that uncontrollably turns into a nightmare.

Director's Statement

Sacrifice in order to achieve it. For me, the important thing for the film was to be absolutely authentic. I don’t like dramas that suffocate you with all their fate and seriousness. Even in a dramatic work, you can play with humour. It is usually a bit dark and absurd, or maybe even out of place. It’s not about slapstick or clever one-liners, but a choice of viewpoint. No, it is not a tragicomedy; it really is drama.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Jan Prušinovský

Written by: Jaroslav Žvácek

Produced by: Ondrej Zima, Jan Prušinovský

Cinematography: Petr Koblovský

Editing: Lukáš Opatrný

Costume Design: Ivan Stekla

Sound Design: Matej Matuška, Michal Cech

Cast: Matej Hádek (Viper), Kryštof Hádek (Kobra), Jan Hájek, Lucie Polišenská, Lucie Žácková

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2015