Spain, France


In a corrupt system which survives and perpetuates itself over the years, being a politician is a real privilege for those who know how to play their cards. A coastal city in the year 2007: A group of friends, colleagues in a political party, enjoy life, luxury yachts and expensive restaurants. Their exclusive day-to-day includes money laundering, land rezoning, quick trips to Madrid and exchanging favours with businessmen in the area. Manuel, an influential regional vice-secretary who has everything in his favour to become the next regional president and thus take the leap to Madrid and national politics, sees his perfect life fall apart after a leak involves him and Paco, one of his best friends in the party, in a corruption scandal. Manuel attempts to keep calm as the media begin uncovering the scope of the scandal. He is convinced that the storm will pass and the party will straighten things out, as it has always done before when one of its members was in trouble. However, this time the party closes ranks and only Paco comes through unscathed. Overnight, Manuel is expelled from the kingdom, marked by public opinion and betrayed by those who, a few hours earlier, he thought were his friends. But although the party intends for him to bear all the blame, Manuel will not accept taking the fall alone. With only the support of his wife and daughter, trapped in a struggle for survival, Manuel will have to fight against a well-oiled corruption machine and a party system in which kings may fall, but kingdoms endure.

Director's Statement

It is a political thriller that speaks of reality, of the current world in which we live by portraying a part of society, that of the current political class, as never seen before. Through the eyes of a corrupt politician who is caught in a spiral of survival for having been carried away by his own interests and those of his party.

Director's Biography

After studying at ECAM and specialising in scriptwriting, Rodrigo Sorogoyen started work as a scriptwriter for TV series from a young age.
At 25, he co-directed 8 CITAS and later began working at Isla de Babel productions as scriptwriter and director in TV series including IMPARES, LA PECERA DE EVA and FRÁGILES.
Together with three partners, Rodrigo founded Caballo Films in 2011 and produced STOCKHOLM, based on a script written by Isabel Peña and himself. The crowdfunded film became one of the year’s revelations, receiving excellent reviews and winning several awards.
Sorogoyen and Peña are currently working on “Madre”, a feature film based on the previously made short film.

2018 - THE REALM
2017 - MADRE, short

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Written by: Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Isabel Peña

Produced by: Gerardo Herrero, Mikel Lejarza, Mercedes Gomero

Cinematography: Alejandro de Pablo

Editing: Alberto del Campo

Production Design: Miguel Ángel Rebollo

Costume Design: Paola Torres

Make-Up & Hair: Paco Rodríguez Frías, Milu Cabrer

Original Score: Olivier Arson

Sound: Alfonso Raposo, Roberto Fernández

Visual Effects: Óscar Abades, Helmuth Barnert

Cast: Nacho Fresneda (Paco Castillo), Ana Wagener (Asunción Ceballos "La Ceballos"), Bárbara Lennie (Amaia Marín), Antonio De La Torre (Manuel López Vidal), Monica Lopez (Inés), José María Pou (José Luis Frías), Luis Zahera (Cabrera)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2019