Strapped for cash and inspired by a visit from the Chippendale dancers to their town, six out-of-work Sheffield steel-workers try to turn things around by forming an unlikely strip act. Robert Carlyle stars as Gaz, a 30-year-old wild boy who drags his overweight best friend Dave, their old foreman Gerald (long unemployed but afraid to tell his wife), a suicidal security guard, a well-endowed handyman and an old geezer who can dance the funky chicken, into his strip-for-cash scheme. Together, they prepare for a sexy revue that culminates in going for 'the full monty' - baring it all - in front of crowds of screaming women and jeering steelworkers. The comic absurdity of the motley crew's endeavours is combined with genuine pathos and emotion as the men deal with their wives and ex-wives, their kids, and the indignities of unemployment and stripping.

Director's Statement

I remember I read it [the script] very early in the morning about 6:30 a.m. - and loved it. The main thing that appealed to me was the humour, which I think comes from the transition that these macho steel workers go through - from never talking about themselves, never talking about their bodies - to finding themselves in this situation where they are taking their clothes off! It is a very contemporary story about the effects of long-term unemployment. lt was a topical subject a few years ago and has been somewhat forgotten, but it is still there.

Director's Biography

Peter Cattaneo studied film at Leeds Polytechnic before moving on to post-graduate film at the Royal College of Art. While there he made the award winning short SPOTTERS, a comedy drama about a boy growing up and dealing with his father's obsession with trainspotting. After graduating from RCA in 1990 he directed the Oscar and BAFTA nominated 11-minute short DEAR ROSIE for Film Faun
He then went on to directing for TV: Series II of TEENAGE HEALTH FREAK for Channel 4 and episodes of THE BILL.
THE FULL MONTY is his first full-length feature for cinema release.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Peter Cattaneo

Written by: Simon Beaufoy

Produced by: Uberto Pasolini

Cinematography: John de Borman

Editing: David Freeman, Nick More

Production Design: Max Gottlieb

Costume Design: Jill Taylor

Original Score: Anne Dudley

Sound: Alistair Crocker

Cast: Robert Carlyle (Gaz), William Snape (Nathan), Tom Wilkinson (Gerald), Mark Addy (Dave), Paul Barber (Horse), Steve Huison (Lomper), Hugo Speer (Guy), Emily Woof (Mandy), Lesley Sharp (Jean)

Nominations and Awards

  • People's Choice Award 1997
  • European Film 1997
  • Feature Film Selection 1997