Alice sings, wears make-up and cracks herself up. She is happy.
Yet she is at the hospital, just out of surgery. She is very ill and totally bald.
However, she is love with her surgeon. He is her savior and comes to see her every evening. Each of his visits is a magical moment for Alice and helps her forget her unbearable situation. Alice escapes into her own dreamworld and makes her life over into a sweeter, love-filled one ....

Director's Biography

Right after her B.A. in Films and Broadcasting, Laëtitia Martinoni started working on sets as a director's assistant. Throughout the years she went up from second to first assistant, both for the movies and for TV, frequently working alongside Philippe Lefebvre and Lorenzo Gabriele.
In time, the desire to be the one directing became stronger and stronger. Her own experiences inspired THE ESCAPE, her first short fiction, which was directed in 2017. Since then, she has been focusing on writing her first long feature.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Laëtitia Martinoni

Written by: Laëtitia Martinoni

Produced by: Marianne Roudier

Cinematography: Fabrizio Fontemaggi

Editing: Jean-Baptiste De Lescure

Production Design: Antoine Maron

Costume Design: François Jugé

Make-Up & Hair: Dominique Germain

Original Score: Clare Manchon, Olivier Manchon

Sound Design: Benjamin Jaussaud

Animation: Stéphan Kot

Cast: Vanessa Guedj (Alice), Alexis Michalik (surgeon), Nadia Roz (girl socket), Bruno Salomone (dad socket)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Short Film 2018