France, Germany, Israel


Yoav, a young Israeli, turns up in Paris, hopeful that France and the French language will save him from the madness of his country.

Director's Biography

Nadav Lapid, a film director and writer, was born in Tel Aviv, studied Philosophy at the University of Tel Aviv, moved after his military service to Paris and back to Israel, to study Cinema at the Sam Spiegel Film School.His second feature film, THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER, an Israeli-French co-production, premiered in Cannes in 2014 and has won twenty international awards.His first feature, POLICEMAN, also won more than 20 awards in international film festivals.His medium length film FROM THE DIARY OF A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER screened in Cannes in 2016 and won several awards.Nadav was a jury member in the special jury of Cannes 2016 Critics week, and in Locarno film festival 2015.Nadav's 50-minute graduation film EMILE'S GIRLFRIEND was screened in the Cannes 2006 Cinefoundation Competition. His first novel "Continue to Dance" was published in Israel and translated to several languages.

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Nadav Lapid

Written by: Nadav Lapid, Haim Lapid

Produced by: Michel Merkt, Saïd Ben Saïd

Cinematography: Nadav Lapid

Cast: Tom Mercier (Yoav), Louise Chevillotte (Caroline)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2019