Malenkaja Vera



Vera dreams of becoming a telephone operator. For the time being, though, she lives a carefree life and one day while out dancing she meets Sergej. He wants to marry her and shortly thereafter he moves in with her and her family. Vera's parents are against the marriage and they have their son come in from Moscow to talk some sense into his »flighty« sister. For his part, though, Sergej cannot reconcile himself to his future father-in-law's drinking and his mother-in-law's chronic depressive moods. The atmosphere is very tense, erupting when the father takes a knife and stabs Sergej.
Vera's family expects her to testijy against Sergej in court. Vera, however, cannot bear the lies and she tries to commit suicide. Sergej escapes from the hospital and makes his way back to Vera...

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Vassilij Pitchul

Written by: Maria Khmelik

Cinematography: Yefim Reznik

Editing: Yelena Zabolotskaya

Production Design: Vladimir Pasternak

Costume Design: Natalya Polyakh

Make-Up & Hair: Valentina Zakharchenko

Original Score: Vladimir Matetskiy

Cast: Natalia Negoda (Vera), Andrej Sokolov (Sergei), Yuriy Nazarov (Otets), Ludmila Zaitseva (Maty)

Nominations and Awards

  • European Screenwriter 1989
  • European Film 1989
  • European Director 1989
  • European Actress 1989
  • European Supporting Performance of the Year 1989
  • European Cinematographer 1989