Bába z Ledu

Czech Republic, Slovakia, France


67-year old Hana is the good soul of her family. Every week her sons come over with their wives and children for their family dinner. It is a family tradition not to be changed.
Selfless, Hana takes care of the little Ivánek, who is not really cherishing his grandma’s help. She also supports her other son with money everytime he asks for it – and he asks a lot. A warmhearted yet modest person, Hana continues to live alone in the old family house without changing a thing ever since her husband died a few years ago. She might need a helping hand but both her sons are too busy and too selfish to see it.
One day, while Hana is looking for Ivánek who sneaked out, she finds a man, Broňa, floating at the riverside, unable to move. She jumps in and helps him to get out of the icy water. Hana gets to know his elderly friends and suddenly she is included in a new social circle. Even little Ivánek is interested in the funny quirky group of ice swimmers.
Light-hearted Broňa, who lives in an old camper bus near the river, inspires Hana’s lust for life. They become lovers, but when she introduces him to her sons, the whole family is shocked. In a series of events and dark secrets, Hana has to stand up and start changing her life.

Director's Biography

Born in 1967 in Opava, Czech Republic, Bohdan Sláma studied film directing at Prague Film School FAMU. His debut feature Wild Bees won a Tiger Award at its premiere in Rotterdam. His second feature Something Like Happiness premiered in 2005 at San Sebastian, winning the Main and the Best Actress Award. The film has been sold to more than twenty territories worldwide. Country Teacher was premiered at Venice in 2008. Variety named Sláma one of “10 Directors to Watch“ in 2009. Sundance Film Festival screened his latest feature Four Suns in competition in 2012.


2017 ICE MOTHER (Bába z ledu)
2012 FOUR SUNS (Čtyři Slunce)
2008 COUNTRY TEACHER (Venkovský Učitel)
2005 SOMETHING LIKE Happiness (Štěstí)
2001 WILD BEES (Divoké Včely)

Cast & Crew

Directed by: Bohdan Sláma

Written by: Bohdan Sláma

Produced by: Pavel Strnad, Petr Oukropec

Cinematography: Diviš Marek

Editing: Jan Danhel

Production Design: Jan Vlasák

Costume Design: Zuzana Krejzková

Make-Up & Hair: Zdenek Klika

Sound Design: Michal Holubec, Marek Poledna

Cast: Zuzana Kronerová (Hana), Pavel Nový (Broňa), Daniel Vízek (Ivánek), Václav Neužil (Ivan), Tatiana Vilhelmova (Kateřina), Marek Daniel (Petr), Petra Špalková (Věra)

Nominations and Awards

  • Feature Film Selection 2017