An old man has hiccups sitting on a bench, a drunken youth snores on the carriage, a kind old lady picks lilies of the valley, women sew in the dressmaker's shop, men play bowling in a pub, the bee keeper spins the honey, a mechanical harvester harvests the wheat, which in the mill will be made into flour, and then in grandma's kitchen into dumplings - and throughout all this the policeman investigates a murder...

Director's Biography

György Pälfi was born on 11.04. 1974 in Budapest.
Started the Academy of Drama and Film Art Budapest in 1995, has made several shorts invited to foreign film festivals.
Graduated from the Academy in 2000 as a director, his first feature, HUKKLE, won the prize of Best First Film and Gene Moskowitz Prize of foreign critics at the Hungarian Film Week in 2002.


1994 — BREAK AND CHECK 2. / Break & Csekk II. (short film)
1997 — THE FISH / A hal (short film)
1998 — KNOCK, KNOCK — SEVENTH ROOM: DEVIL'S LOCK /Valakikopog — Hetedik szoba: Az ördöglakat (short film)
1998 — ROUND AND ROUND / Körbe (short film)
2002 — HUKKLE / Hukkle (feature)

Cast & Crew

Directed by: György Pálfi

Written by: György Pálfi

Produced by: Csaba Bereczki, András Bohm

Cinematography: Gergely Pohärnok

Editing: Gábor Marinkás

Original Score: Balázs Barna, Samu Gryllus

Sound Design: Tamás Zányi

Cast: Ferenc Bandi (Csuklik bácsi ), Józsefné Rácz (Bába), József Farkas (Rendõr), Ferenc Nagy (Méhész), Eszter Ónodi (Városi anya), Attila Kaszás (Városi papa )

Nominations and Awards

  • European Discovery of the Year - Fassbinder Award  2002